Aralık 10, 2013

WOW Hotels chooses iResort platform

WOW Hotels chooses iResort as its mobile application platform. Utilizing iResort application, WOW Hotels increase customer satisfaction in its resort chain members Topkapi Palace, Kremlin Palace […]
Mart 10, 2013

Belarus mobile operator Best uses Mira IVR for customer care.

Belarus mobile operator Best uses Mira IVR in self-care, integrating IVR with its core network features and tariff management.
Ekim 10, 2012

iResort Receives ‘The most innovative tourism product of the year’ Award

iResort receives ‘The most innovative tourism product of the year’ award in Tourism Trends 2012 Summit held in Istanbul, Turkey. We thank to those who regarded […]
Ağustos 10, 2012

iResort development is supported by TUBITAK

TUBITAK The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey decided to support iResort as selected project.
Mayıs 6, 2009

Mira has adapted its products to support the evolving video functionality

Mira Ivr now supports video features based on standards like H.263 and H.264. Services like video conferencing, video information and video entertainment can be created using […]
Nisan 6, 2009

Two of the biggest hotel chains of Turkey, WOW Hotels and Voyage Group have chosen Mira Ivr platform for À la carte restaurants reservation system.

By the help of this solution guests of hotels can make reservation to various restaurants in hotels from their room using the automised voice based system. […]
Ekim 6, 2008

Pepsi Fritolay uses Mira Dialogger, Mira Ivr and Mira Vms as a complete messaging solution.

Nisan 6, 2008

Mira has deployed Media Server for Sponsored Call Platform in Airtel, India

Mobile operators are currently interested in services which are beneficiary for their subscribers. Utilizing this platform subscribers can make free of charge calls by listening to […]
Kasım 6, 2007

Mira has developed VAS Delivery Platform

Mira’s new product VAS-DP suits all needs of content providers in VAS market. VASDP is a complete solution for all kind of services which are delivered […]