Temmuz 6, 2007

Mira has deployed a shopping based loyalty program for subscribers of Life:) network in Ukraine.

With more than 600 Point of sales in all over Ukraine, Life:) subscribers make shopping with their bonuses in Life network. With Mira’s Loyalty Program both […]
Ekim 6, 2006

Mira has launched content and entertainment portals for all mobile subscribers in Ukraine.

The portals based on Mira’s VASDP, in-house developed service delivery platform for VAS services of telecom operators. The subscribers can access portals through web, wap, video(3G), […]
Mayıs 6, 2006

Procter and Gamble having headquarters of Turkey in Istanbul provides high customer care service quality utilizing Mira Dialogger.

Mayıs 6, 2005

Telsim launches new Mira Ivr systems in order to extend the capacity of their prepaid platform, ‘MyCep’.

Due to increasing number of prepaid subscribers, Telsim has required bigger capacities for their prepaid platform, MyCep. Telsim has agreed with Oksijen Teknoloji to deploy a […]
Mart 6, 2005

Ekinciler Securities, has chosen Mira’s digital voice logging platform

Ekinciler Securities, has chosen Mira’s digital voice logging platform, Dialogger to record conversations for stock trading operations. This is a solution widely used in stock exhange […]
Şubat 6, 2005

Oksijen chooses Mira for launching ‘CepRing’

Oksijen chooses Mira for launching ‘CepRing’, the Ring Back Tone platform of Telsim. Oksijen Teknoloji has chosen Mira to deploy Ring Back Tone platform in Turkey’s […]
Kasım 6, 2004

Vakifbank chooses Mira Dialogger

Vakifbank, one of the biggest governmental banks of Turkey, chooses Mira’s digital voice logging platform, Dialogger to be used in their call centre, in order to […]
Temmuz 6, 2004

Argela Technology partners with Mira

Argela Technology has partnered with Mira in order to deploy prepaid ivr systems in Kcell of Kazakhstan, Geocell of Georgia and Moldcell of Moldova. The system […]
Aralık 6, 2003

Cep Dunyasi chooses Mira Ivr

Cep Dunyasi, Turkcell’s biggest Vas partner chooses Mira’s Ivr platform in order to give speech services in Turkcell network. Among the services there are chat lines […]